Important things to Consider While Buying E-book Reader


The e-book readers have become immensely popular among the avid book readers. These digital platforms provide the readers a comfortable alternative to the physical books; they are light weight, easy to carry and above all let you store plenty of books in a single device. However, with the different types of e-book readers available in the market, choosing the right one can be a difficult task. Not all the e-book readers created are equal; what works best for a certain book lover may not meet the requirements of the other. If you have no idea where to begin or what are the factors that you need to look for while buying an e-book reader, you must consider the following factors to make the right choice:

Important things to Consider While Buying E-book Reader


Of course, price of the reader plays an important role, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, which is the most popular e-book reader, comes at a price of about Rs. 7800 but there are other e-book readers too in the market like Kobo Glo, which comes at a price of about Rs. 7300. There are some other high-end models too that come with a higher price tag. No matter, which e-book reader you choose to buy, if you are ordering it online, it is always a good idea to look for cashback offers. You may find discount coupons that would let you save money on your purchase.


Majority of the e-book readers use e-ink technology. The e-ink provides a very pleasant reading platform by reducing the glare and improving the contrast. If good readability is the most important criteria that you are looking for then you can look for readers that have built-in lights that would let you read comfortably even in dark condition without disturbing others around you.

Other important thing to look at is the display resolution of the screen. The screen display output should be sharp and vibrant yet the light should be easy on the eye and should cause any strain. The higher the resolution of the e-Reader’s screen the better will be its readability.


One of the major reasons why lot of people choose to buy e-books readers is that it is easy to carry; it is quite small in size and fits easily in your bags. It is best advised to look for an e-reader that has a compact design and is lightweight. The device should also be easy to hold and comfortable to use even when using it for a longer reading session. Most of the e-book models available in the market offer Wi-Fi connectivity and there a few readers that also come with 3G data connectivity. Depending on your personal preference, if you travel a lot then the model with mobile data connectivity would be an ideal choice as it would let you download new book even on the go.

Additional features

It is always nice to have a few additional features that make your reading more enjoyable. Look at these features while making your final choice. Look for an e-book reader that lets you automatically sync your digital books to different devices. This would help you continue your reader on your smartphone from exactly where you left off on the e-reader. Also, look for a device that has adjustable fonts, built-in dictionary and bookmarks.