Customer Service Availability Matters to Customers


One of the many tasks facing business owners is making sure their customers have access to great service while keeping costs down. It is important to make ensure that you don’t overlook the importance of your customer service options. One of the things that many customers are concerned about is what sort of customer service options they have.

Do Customers Look for Live Chat?

Many customers will specifically look for companies that use live chat. There are many who find phone calls inconvenient, yet don’t want to wait for a response by email. The option of speaking with a company customer service representative live while completing other tasks has a major appeal. If you mention live chat options in your marketing materials, prospective customers will notice.

Standing Out from the Competition

A majority of sites with a lot of traffic enjoy the amount of traffic they do because they offer such flexible options for customer service. When you operate a site that sells to a very competitive market, you will want to take advantage of every possible selling point that appeals to your site above all others. Every unique feature that you offer will help towards making you stand out.


Enjoying More Conversions

Live chat services will help play a greater role in getting conversions from visitors to customers. One of the things that makes more of a difference in this respect is the fact that many customers have greater trust in companies that make the effort to engage with them. Advertising the fact that potential customers can talk to you one-on-one will help many of them decide to buy your product or service.

Happier Customers Are Repeat Customers

Many customers who talk with customer service representatives before purchasing a product or service are very happy with their interaction. Because they are so satisfied with their first experience, they are likely to follow up with additional purchases in the future. When a visitor has had a good experience with a live representative, they are likely to follow up by visiting the site to finish their transaction later the same day.

Increased Support Options Make It Easier to Market Products

When customers are still trying to decide whether they want to buy a product, good support options may help make the difference. One of the advantages of putting a live person within easy reach is not having to spend time continually following up with the customers, as they will have already had their questions answered. A helpful technique that many people use is inviting customers to sign up for updates at the end of the interaction.

Marketing is More Productive

Many feel that marketing is more productive when customers have multiple ways to engage with site staff. When visitors with questions can talk to somebody easily, customer service staff can focus additional efforts on marketing. The more flexibility that is available, the more all benefit from it.