Record Streaming Video Easily With Movavi Screen Capture


If you need a desktop video recorder which will give you the best quality then the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is your best choice. The software are well prepared for detailed and clear recording from both online sources as well as the desktop. This means that you with the studio you will be able to capture flash video from popular video sites like Vimeo, YouTube as well as your favorite news sites. With this you will also be able to record yourself doing different tasks on your computer on application like Excel, Word among other programs. You will need a cursor especially if you have to create tutorials for your work.

How it Works

The capture flash video feature allows you to save any live stream videos, webcasts, free live web feeds and all the other video contents. It is so simple and straightforward to use. The software has a user friendly interface and you will not need any technical skills to use it.


Here are some of the instructions on how you can use it:

  • First you will have to download the Movavi Screen Capture Studio software then install it to your computer.
  • Select your input device. This is on the program window.
  • Because you will be capturing the video select the recording area and the frame rate. This on the Select Capture Area Tab.
  • Then click on the REC tab and the software will start recording all the way until you stop.
  • You will need to see the preview so click Play.
  • You will preview the video and will need to select the right storage folder for it so go to Save As. There is a More Presets tab which helps display an extensive list.
  • You will then choose your preferred action and click on the Save button. Your capture Flash video will be saved on your device.

Why It Stands Out

There are myriads of capture Flash video software online but the Movavi Screen Capture Studio stands out from the rest. After your capture the video you will get a lineup of editing tools. You can clean up the videos to make the hues more prevalent. The videos you get from YouTube will look more professional. Besides, you can add titles and watermarks on the videos. The only video editing tools that miss out from this studio are the cropping and zooming tools. However, they are very minor and your scores with the software will not suffer considering the many video tools that you will have.

One of the main shortcomings of this program is that it lacks scheduled recording. The capture Flash video program also has so many stuffed recording and editing tools. These are complicated and might be so difficult to understand if you are new to video capture software. If you need to capture flash video the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is the best the best. You will clearly be capturing the audio from both input and output devices at the same time. The simultaneous capture will not jeopardize the quality of the sound at all.