The Reason Why Users Fail to Merge Free Space after Deleting a Partition


If users fail to merge free space after deleting a partition, they can try MiniToolPartition Wizard to accomplish it.

Some users raise a question that why they fail to merge free space after deleting a partition. What is the situation they face? And what should they do to solve it?

Users will fail to merge free space after deleting a partition in this case. If their system is Windows Server 2003, XP orother older systems, and they intend to delete a useless partition in order to get more space to another partition in Windows DiskManagement, they can’t extend a partition with the free space.


An unallocated space exists in Disk 2, but L: (the adjacent partition) cannot be extended with the unallocated space. This is the situation users meet.

As Windows Disk Management doesn’t have the capacity to do that, users should resort to a third-party partition magic to achieve the goal.MiniTool Partition Wizard, an excellent partitionmagic server, can assist users to merge free space after deleting a partition.A demonstration of how to extend a partition with the space gained from deleting a partition with the help of this partition toolwill be shown as follows.


Four partitions are in Disk 3. Firstly, delete L: to get unallocated space.


Next, select a partition arbitrarily in Disk 3 and click “Extend” to continue.


Then, choose the unallocated space from the drop-down list and adjust the size which will be added to the target partition. Click “OK” to go back to the main interface and activate “Apply” to fulfill the change.

In another case users can’t merge free space after deleting a partition with Disk Management. Supposing users have three primary partitions and one extend partition in which there is more than one logical partition. If users want to delete one logical partition to enlarge a primary partition, they cannot do this. This is because deleting a logical partition in extended partition only can get free space, while what enlarging a primary partition needs is unallocated space.

On this occasion, in order to extend a primary partition, users have to delete a primary partition or delete all logical partitions to get unallocated space. But it is unreasonable to do so. At this moment, users should make use of a partition manager too.MiniTool Partition Wizard can help users achieve the goal without deleting any partition.


Just select the primary partition which needs extending and click “Extend” to choose apartitionto adjust the extended size like the display of previous case.

The two situations may cause users to fail to merge free space after deleting a partition. If users encounter this problem someday, don’t forget to make use of MiniTool Partition Wizard to solve it.