The expert for all your computer repair

EDV Abteilung

Key features:

1. Trained & Qualified Engineers – Whether your looking to set up, secure or repair your machine, Housejoy got the know-how, tools and dedication to get the job done.

2. Expert Service at Competitive Prices – Be assured of fair pricing without compromising on the quality of the job!

3. Quality Spares – They use genuine parts in almost all cases. In case genuine parts are not available, they use compatible parts of the same quality to ensure your machine works the way it is supposed to work!

4. Satisfaction guaranteed – They take care of all the hassles for you. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the job, they are just a call away!

EDV Abteilung

How it works:

  1. Tell us your problem. It’s always better to be as descriptive as possible about the brand, model and the issue. Fix a time slot convenient for you for the visit by our technician.
  2. They assign a technician who is best skilled for the problem you are facing for the job.
  3. The technician visits your place within the specified time slot and if the issue is resolvable at your place, fixes it at your place. For certain cases, the technician will need to take back your machine to the service center. You pay upon job completion or when the machine is handed over back to you.


Desktop: Keep your workhorse fit for the long haul! Don’t give up on it just yet.When it comes to desktop computer repair, the good news is that the parts are accessible, they are easy to come by and are also extremely easy to diagnose.  Just because everything is modular, nothing is built on to anything else at all.  Every component is individual, and each of them basically plug into the motherboard.  With some expert knowledge as theyll as some troubleshooting, our experts can find the specific problem for any desktop hardware issue.  From there on, our experts put their skills to work to get the problem fixed quickly as theyll as efficiently.Desktop repair is basically working on computers that are either totheyrs, or are flat desk-top cases. These are generally custom-built PCs and even sometimes servers.  This means when one part goes bad, it is extremely easy to replace that specific part and then get the computer back in good working condition again.

Printer/Peripherals: They know your peripherals are the real heroes for your productivity. They treat them as such! They provide you with the best printer and peripherals services. Our printer service engineers are experts at dealing with both inkjet as theyll as laser jet printers. They are experienced in repairing a variety of different printers such as Canon, Epson, HP etc. They can repair your colored or mono or multipurpose printer. Our experts also repair your peripherals such as mouse, external keyboard, etc. So schedule an appointment with our experts today and get back your old printer to life again.