Four Things You Can Do To Get The Best Shipping Discounts


Learn about four ways that you can easily get shipping discounts for your outbound ecommerce goods.

All retailers that are selling online take great interest in getting the best shipping discounts. Obviously this is because shipping is one of the biggest costs factoring into the bottom line for online retailers.

But what methods can you use to slash your shipping cost and get the lowest rate?

Considering that numerous studies have found that shopping cart abandonment rates are directly linked to shipping cost, it’s imperative that you are able to offer you customers the best deal possible.

Good thing that you found this article. In it, we will show you several ways that you can get the best shipping discounts without having to do too much legwork. It could just end up saving a lot more money than you suspect.


Open Commercial Shipper Accounts

The surest way to get the best shipping discounts is by opening a commercial shipper account. All of the major carriers offer them and provide you with generous discounts when you open them. Now these discounts can and do vary and range in their scope. But even if you could just save 5% off your shipping cost, imagine what that adds up to over the course of the year to come?

Use a Contracted Discount Service

Another option is to look at services like APC Postal Logistics and Express 1. APC, for example, helps you get shipping discounts on international packages. If you are selling to lots of international customers, this is a great way to reduce your cost. Express 1 helps you get Commercial Plus Pricing on USPS Priority Mail and Express Mail, saving you tons of money.

Take Advantage of Providers Like Stamps

Yet another existing option that you have is to use a service like Stamps or Endicia. Both get you immediate discounts on digital USPS postage. They are hard to top and they even offer locked in rates. If you are selling in ecommerce, these services can help you reduce shipping cost by 10-15% or more in some cases. So look to them foremost during your search for shipping discounts.

Look Into Proprietary Shipping Discounts

Finally, you can also get shipping discounts by using shipping software services that have special locked-in rates. For example, TrueShip’s shipping discounts are offered via Flat Rate Select. It’s a proprietary service that users of their shipping software get just for using it.

Basically, it locks you into Commercial Plus pricing on all your USPS Priority and Express Mail packages up to 20-pounds. Considering that the typical weight limit is five-pounds, but TrueShip gets you 20-pounds, this is a great scenario for anyone who shipping in ecommerce.

Now that you know how to get these shipping discounts, conduct a little bit of homework. Stop overpaying for shipping when you can easily lock in the lowest rate with a little bit of work. The savings will add up fast, and you can better safeguard your bottom line, too.