A Brief LG Leon Phone Review

With the recent release of a new set of LG smartphones, several reviews have been made with the aim of finding out how good these new devices are. Among the growing number of reviews made thus far, many have found it worthy to focus on the LG Leon which has been made available at a surprisingly affordable price. This has sparked a great interest in LG Leon phone reviews if only to determine why this particular handset has been standing out from the rest.

Actually, when reading an LG Leon phone review, one of the first things worth noting is how this new smartphone model is being marketed. Officially, LG seeks to offer a phone of premium quality but remaining highly affordable. This is where the new LG Leon is attempting to make its’ mark because while it falls in the mid-range category of new LG handsets, the phone holds a strategic position within that range as it sits right in the center of the entire collection.

This allows the LG Leon to enjoy the best of both ends especially in terms of pricing and features. As such, the phone is neither too expensive for the ordinary shopper nor too loaded in features that they can hardly be handled by the average phone user.

In the official line-up of new LG smartphones, the Leon can be found just below the LG Joy while both the LG Magna and the LG Spirit enjoy the top positions. This simply means that the Leon may be a lot cheaper compared to the rest, but it is still able to retain many of the features from the other models. These include a 5-megapixel camera with the front end having VGA settings, a removable battery, and a quad-processor of 1.2GHz, among others.

Unfortunately storage capacity for this particular smartphone could fall short of expectations. The built-in space of 8GB, may be impressive, but a number of serious phone users will find this somewhat limited.

This is especially true in the case of people who love to take pictures, watch movies, listen to music, and many other activities where downloading is a basic requirement. When this is the case, the standard 8GB storage capacity offered by the LG Leon will hardly be sufficient.

In actual fact, the 8GB storage space of the phone could already be considered as too small given the power of some smartphones to carry storage of up to 16GB. This is one aspect reviewers critical of the LG Leon phone have pounced upon. LG management would do well to have a ready explanation for this.

In any case, there is a micro USB port built into the Leon which should effectively serve as a back-up. This feature can be used extensively when the stored files in the handset have reached their limit and have to be consequently moved. Indeed, the Leon may be limited in terms of storage but LG has prepared the needed alternative in anticipation of more critical remarks.

Despite the limitations, LG Leon has accurately represented the need of LG to come up with a stylish but affordable handset. The plastic-based back casing of the phone with the distinctive metallic finish is proof of this. Given this exciting appearance, there is hardly any doubt that the Leon can easily create a premium but robust impression on the public eye, and no LG Leon phone review can afford to deny this.