A Basic Understanding of Digital Signage for Small Business.


A lot of terms get thrown around in today’s Digital World, and it’s not always easy to understand the differences between them. In order for you to make an informed decision for your business needs, we thought it would be helpful to give a brief explanation of some of the most important pieces of the Digital Signage solutions in an effort to help you move forward with decisions having at least some basic knowledge of what you’ll be looking at.

Basically, Digital Signage is part of the overall DOOH (Digital Out of Home) customer experience. To improve a prospect’s experience with your business it is imperative to use as many tools in the DOOH tool box as you can and bring your message to your audience both clearly and repetitively with a well planned advertising campaign. If you start with Digital Signage, this will include usually 42 inch, 47 inch or 55 inch commercial screens placed provocatively within your space. In order to play content such as product ads, menus, live TV, videos and Ticker feeds, there will be a miniature PC attached to the back of one or more screens. This PC comes in many different configurations depending on your content requirement. The High End commercial screens are able to run 24/7/365 without image burn-in and are calibrated to show not only the best colour but also to be viewed perfectly from almost any angle.


The attached players not only display all of this content but also monitor and correct the screen status. Smart players will monitor temperature, resolution and whether the screen is on and playing the correct content for any particular time sequence. If there is a status problem, the player will automatically correct the issue and can even re-boot the system if needed. In order to interact with the player for content or scheduling changes we use cloud technology that can be accessed virtually from anywhere. Whoever is managing the campaigns can log into any or all of the players and re-set any of the parameters or completely change the advertising messages with the instant updating features.

Adding More Experiences:

Whether you use Digital Signage or all of the DOOH possibilities available or not, there is one most important advertising experience you can’t ignore: Mobile Technology. Today, cell phones and mobile devices have already exceeded PC’s in the sheer number of consumers who not only have the devices but use them exclusively when shopping for products and services. The number of consumers who act on mobile searches is currently in the 60-70% range and the buy-through rate has surpassed PC searches by 4-5 times. It is also estimated that as soon as 2016, the use of PC’s for searching will be critically diminished in the marketplace. Therefore using mobile in conjunction with your digital signage portfolio is the next step to increasing customer satisfaction and generating new sales.

You will find at www.fdntv.ca that we have already begun to integrate our technologies and campaign strategies with Mobile Websites and Web-app consumer experiences, so that we are always capable of fulfilling our promise to our clients of providing… Any Message, Any Time, AnyWhere

We hope this short discussion on Digital and Digital Out of Home Solutions and advertising has been helpful to you. Look for custom solutions for your business and always try to think like a customer. And when you’re not thinking like a consumer, then make sure you’re thinking outside the box and start incorporating new technologies as your budget allows.