Recent Advances in Hot Air Fryers by Jennifer Ashe


Cooking and in particular frying is no longer a messy and potentially dangerous business with a pan full of boiling hot oil over a naked flame. With the advent of the Air fryer and the  Halogen oven , there are some great and safe kitchen gadgets available. The results, for example with chips, from airfryer or Halogen oven are truly excellent, crisp on the outside and well cooked but fluffy inside. The percentage of fat in the results are minimal since with fresh cut chips only a single spoonful  of oil is needed , drizzled  over the ingredients rather than total immersion in oil as with the old fashioned method.  The taste is certainly different and  is a major improvement in the vast majority of foods cooked this way

Some gadgets like the microwave, although very useful, have limitations. If you cooked a chicken in a microwave, it would not brown, so although edible, it would look very unappetising. Also you can only use plastic or glass utensils, not metal or foil ( see dangers of plastics ) .

With the Halogen cooker, first seen on QVC the tv shopping channel, you got the advantages of a fan assisted oven, so faster cooking times, no need to turn the food so often and the cooking is more even. Plus the need to preheat the oven is gone, the halogen produces heat so fast it simply isn’t necessary, I’ve cooked extensively with these over 3 years now and I just ignore instructions to pre heat the oven. Amazingly you can cook straight from the freezer without the need to thaw! Chops and meat joints are always perfectly cooked,  pies never have frozen middles or soggy pastries. Unlike the microwave metal pans and aluminium foil can be used inside the unit.


Most recently was the emergence of the Airfryer as a separate product. Philips have two ranges , the Viva and the Avance with several models having more sophisticated digital controls and size variants, you can read more about the Philips Airfryers  here . Their frying “drawer” contains a basket and has a unique vortex inducing pattern in the base, to circulate the hot air and cook the food. The heating element in the Philips is more conventional, although Visicook, Tefal and Breville do have some new and innovative models that use halogen heaters with all their advantages plus auto rotation and even spit roasting,

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Jennifer Ashe writes on Halogen Ovens and on AirFryers on her blogs which give tips on using these useful Kitchen gadgets as well as full reviews of the latest models and recipes specifically for them.

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