Maximising Efficiency with Dell Cloud Solutions


The Corporate Move to the Cloud

More and more businesses each day choose the cloud because of the efficiency, adaptability, and streamlining of tasks it offers. All of this equates tomassive cost-saving. Thanks to the ability to provide a better service by automating tasks that usually are manually and inefficiently done, companies are overwhelmingly choosing to adapt cloud storage-based solutions. Using cloud storage also allows for complete quality assurance and simplifies the provisioning of application templates.Companies are investing in cloud computing to the point where the industry has reached $41 billion dollars in the year 2014. Additionally, this number was projected to grow at a 14 percent compound annual growth rate and by the year 2018 there is projected to be a $69 billion vender opportunity.

Why the Cloud Increases Efficiency in Businesses

Cloud storage solutions allow for the optimization and acceleration of responsiveness to business needs as they arise. The server capacity, aggregation of resources, storage, application licenses, and other digital resources can be shared within the company and with customers as necessary in a way that can be streamlined like never before. Of course, the consequence of this is a more efficient use of staff and hardware. Now, new customers and application development teams can more quickly and flexibly meet new needs as they arise.


It cannot be overstated how much increased scalability of cloud storage solutions enables for the more efficient automation of tasks. Service automation provides for the ability for clients to manage their own IT services, which decreases the cost for the staff necessary for the routines that would otherwise be done in a more inefficient matter.

Dell Offers the Best Cloud Storage Options

Dell offers a wide number of advantages as a cloud storage technology partner. Dell’s suite of management tools includeDell Cloud Manager and Dell Active System Manager. Cloud Manager manages tasks like provisioning and automation of applications for both private and public cloud platforms, whereas Active System Manager automates infrastructure and workload, thereby simplifying IT service delivery. A consolidated console and excellent user interface are two key features that help automate deployment and management of IT services. Because of this, the time for workload delivery and infrastructure management is greatly streamlined, simplifying IT service delivery.

Dell also offers the broadest range of options for servers on the market that are massively scalable for all forms of virtual settings. This provides flexibility depending on your company’s pricing and performance desires. Some of Dell’s customized servers include the Dell Cloud for the US Government, specially engineered to comply with the highest degree of security and reliability stipulated by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program in addition to the criteria of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. To take another example of Dell’s proven track record in providing the best, most flexible storage solutions, Dell’s Secure Healthcare Cloud meets HIPAA requirements for disaster recovery, patient privacy, and security.

In short, Dell offers the best cloud storage solutions for whatever needs your company may have in terms of scalability, reliability, and adaptability.