9 Cool Apps And Sites That Play Nice With The Best Android TV Boxes


Even the Best Android TV box in the market can’t do anything when you have apps and sites that simply aren’t made to play nice with an Android OS box. Fret not though, for the followingapps and sites are designed to work flawlessly with the Android interface – especially those found on Android TVs:

1. Netflix – this app is hands-down one of the best video streaming apps to go with the best Android TV boxes in the market. Its wide catalogue of movies and shows make it an excellent choice for binge and casual watching alike, and its interface works pretty well on a wide-screen TV.

2. Hulu Plus – if you can’t find it on Netflix, chances are you’ll find it on Hulu Plus. Hulu Plus does not have the breadth or depth of Netflix’s selections, but it focuses instead on snapping up exclusive shows and movies on its network. Another must-have app for the cinephile looking to make the most out of the best Android TV box sitting in his or her living room.

3. Crackle – if you want your videos free and can tolerate the occasional ad, then Crackle is a great alternative to Netflix or Hulu Plus. Just install it on your Android dongle or box, and it’ll stream a selection of classic movies and shows for you to enjoy at absolutely no cost. Crackle used to have a website well optimized for Android, but then they switched to an app that you can download on the Google Play Store.

4. Funny Or Die – looking for laughs on a site that you can easily maneuver around in on your cool Android TV box? Funny Or Die has a site that’s optimized pretty well not just for mobile devices but for TVs as well. Make sure to bookmark this one when you need a good laugh to spice up your day.

5. IGN –the website of IGN is neatly optimized for the Android platform. Gamers of all stripes and consoles will be able to quickly find the gaming news they need without fiddling about, and it even accommodates remote controllers that come bundled with the best Android TV boxes out there.

6. PlayJam – There are a ton of great games on the Google Play Store, but PlayJam sets itself apart by offering games designed specifically to work well on TVs. This is where you go if you’re hankering for games that make the use of all the available space of a wide-screen TV along with the game controllers you can hook up to a customizable and high quality Android TV box.

7.  9gag – Part news site, part social network and part bulletin board, 9gag is the beating heart of the whimsical and irreverent side of the Internet. The great thing about 9gag is that it’s very easy to browse through whether you visit the website or download the app from the Google Play Store.

8.  iHeart Radio – this is a great website to find great music to go on the best Android TV box you can find on the market. Start by picking your preferred genres, explore the recommended stations and ultimately end up customizing your radio stations to best cater to your musical tastes.

9. Five Simple Steps–want to step up your game when it comes to web design and publishing this 2015? Five Simple Steps has a simple and attractive interface that offers a nice selection of books on the topic. The real winner here is how elegantly the site is presented. The experience alone makes the site worth visiting, and sets the bar for what your average site would look like if it’s well-optimized for mobile and TV platforms.

Keep all these apps and sites in mind, and you’ll have a pretty cool selection that allows you to optimize your internet access experience using the best Android TV box you can find in the market!

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