How To Use Online Tools To Increase Students Productivity



In an effort to help prepare the Guatemalan students to the skills and competencies of the century, which are increasingly needed on the labor market, Microsoft in collaboration with the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala  made ​​the launch program student advantage by which the Office 365 solution for about 8,000 students of the university, will be provided at no cost. Student Advantage aims to implement technology in the classroom, through tools that help improve the performance of young people, thus achieving a more successful employment in the future. Students can easily succeed with their home works and they shouldn’t pay for college essay to be done because lack of time. Through this program, students have access to the same variety of online productivity tools that employ most of the 500 largest companies in the world. Advantageous of using Microsoft tools:

  • Nowadays, The Microsoft Office tools remain the most used in education to create documents, generate estimates and slides, among many other features. With this program, all students enrolled in the school have access at no additional cost, to a downloadable version of Office 365 Pro Plus includes everyday online productivity tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher and Access.
  • These tools can be downloaded on up to five different devices for personal or educational use. At Microsoft we are committed to working with governments, universities, schools, educators and students with the aim of use technologies of information and communication as online productive tools that provide learning for all anywhere, anytime and these are the benefits.
    • Microsoft is the worldwide head in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. The technology offers a collection of applications and online productive tools exclusively dedicated to making student life easier.
    • One of the most important activities of teachers and university administrators to evaluate the performance of students in the classes they take; and make several assessment tools.


 When you obtain information from these tools, they can use them to make improvements. There are several online tools such as Prior Learning Assessment by Students, where Professor Newbie tests, games and quizzes online for students to meet there or the print, the responsive and deliver them. One of the advantages of online students answer is that some of these sites analyzed the responses and generate graphs and tables for the teacher to see the areas that need improvement. A widely used to assess online productivity tools for college students is the knowledge test. This is not a test as such; the beginning of the semester are given to students a series of questions for you to answer by filling in circles and thus measure their confidence in their ability to respond correctly. Then at the end of the semester, they are also applied this test. The results of both are compared.

So, using online tools enables students to improve their knowledge and find gaps while teachers save time to check pages of homework. It also makes studying process interactive and more interesting attracting students’ attention.