App Development: Past, Present, and Future


Mobile applications are part of daily life for many, as they offer entertainment value and make certain tasks and projects easier. While many believe Apple launched the app craze, others say Blackberry is the company behind the app. Let’s take a trip down app memory lane in addition to examining its present and future:


Blackberry is credited with the first app development via its wireless email by RIM over 10 years ago. And while Blackberry may have developed the first app, it is Apple who took the concept and blew it up with the creation of its Apple Store. Launched in 2008, the store gave smartphone users a whole new way to use their devices. The Android Marketplace was launched by Google in late 2008, and gave consumers more than one app market option.

The number of downloaded apps in the Apple Store hit the one billion mark in spring 2009. Beautiful Widget was the first Android app to reach one billion downloads, which occurred in 2011.



Apps are firmly planted in the collective conscience, with practical options such as fitness and weather apps widely available, as well as game selections, such as the now-classic Angry Birds and current favorite Clash of Clans. App development is a bona-fide industry, with app developers launching new apps and looking for ways to monetize them constantly. Celebrities have apps, and companies, such as Zapporro, provide app development services.


Consumers are often more inclined to use mobile apps than mobile web browsing services, and the demand for apps is very likely to increase. Developers are continually looking for new ways to make money off of apps, and to provide options that offer unique services people will want to use daily. Whether for business, entertainment, or education, the race to create bigger and better apps isn’t going anywhere.

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