Forever Safe Leads PC Security To The Next Level


Forever Safe is a highly innovative PC file locker. The beauty to this software is that your password is based off numbers and letters inside of a pattern you select. Every time a protected file is opened all the numbers & letters randomly move making your password different every time you open it. Make sure to download this software at and try it free for 7 days then upgrade to the Pro Edition for a 1 time fee of $19.99.

The concept of inputting your password is so stealthy that you can literally type in your password with people standing right over your shoulder without them knowing a thing. Protected files and folders cannot be copied, deleted, or moved. Look at all the great features that Forever Safe has to offer.


  • 2 layers of security.
  • Never have to remember a password again.
  • Never have the same password twice.
  • The ability to input your password in plain view of anyone without them knowing what it will be the next time the program is opened.
  • Instant email if a wrong color is chosen by an intruder.
  • Letters and numbers regenerate every time the program is opened.
  • Files cannot be deleted, moved, copied, or even renamed once protected.
  • No monthly or annual fees to own Forever Safe Pro Edition

An upcoming update will include tapping into the webcam to catch exactly who the intruder is trying to access your files and send a direct email with an image to bust them red handed.