The enclosure protects the projector from extreme temperature


VIZBOX Enclosures Limited have launched a new “best in class” outdoor weatherproof projector housing. The enclosure protects the projector from extreme temperatures, moisture, rain and environmental pollution.

VIZBOX is a UK company, and the brainchild of qualified electronics engineer Alan Powell, who has worked in the AV industry since it began. They are based in Yorkshire, and have full backing and support from a range of organisations. VIZBOX outdoor projector housings are exported all over the world.

The unit is CE-Marked which is a European quality standard. It is also IP rated which means that it has been tested successfully in extensive conditions.  For example, the enclosure meets one rating which means that it can withstand water being sprayed from every angle for a duration of time.

The innovative technology within the enclosure protects the projector from reaching hot temperatures or indeed cold temperatures with built-in climate control. The filtration system ensures that the projector is protected from dust, sand and other pollutants.


The enclosure itself comes with 2 smart dust-capped locks as security. Again the choice of security was crucial to the IP rating. VIZBOX offers a range of digital media optional extras including live streaming, digital signage and an IR control system.

VIZBOX outdoor enclosures have been installed in America/USA, Australia, Russia, Canada, and Europe. VIZBOX told us “This is an emerging market,and we are proud to be the only UK manufacturer of this product type, to have met all quality testing criteria”.

Beware of UNTESTED imitations which have had no testing and come with no certification.

Out door projector enclosures are being deployed in beach bars, museums, mines, stately homes, outdoor swimming pools, holiday resorts, castles, ships, and at outdoor staged events.  They are also being used for backyard theatre. VIZBOX is a registered trademark.