What to Expect from Home Alarm Systems in 2015


A New Year is under way and technology is continuing to improve.  60% of mobile phone users are likely to get a new cell phone this year.  However, less than 20% of home owners with existing security systems will be upgrading or getting a new alarm system.  Why is that?  These important systems can go unnoticed once installed and we are here to help you know what you should expect from modern day equipment.

Touchscreen and Wireless

Don’t get stuck with a company who is still using a SimonXT keypad panel.  Any primary panel that has buttons 1 thru 9 you know needs an upgrade.  Several companies are trying to cut corners by sending one of those out to you and making you set it up.  If you read Protection One reviews, you will see that this company along with others are now only using touchscreen 2gig technologies.  You should expect this regardless of who you choose.

Wireless is obvious for most people and it costs more now in 2015 to get a wired system compared to wireless.  Make sure that all the batteries have ion lithium backup in each security device (window, door and motion sensors).


Mobile Connectivity

It’s 2015 and no need to still be typing in your security code each time you come into the door.  Break away from this habit and make sure your company makes use of a mobile app to control the system.  Most offer their own unique app or some use Alarm.com as a white label service.  Key fobs are another option that you can keep in your car, on your desk by the bed etc.  As long as you have a smart phone, make sure you can control your home alarm system with a tablet or phone device.


If you have a security system or may be getting one this year, don’t get taken advantage of with old outdated equipment.  Get a touchscreen for your control panel and make sure that you can turn on and off the alarm from your smart device.