Dreamhost is a Dream of a Hosting Company


Making your dreams come true is what Dreamhost is all about. That’s why they make it super easy to use their control panel and they offer a huge discount for the first year of hosting. If you’re looking for a hosting company to make your dreams come true, we’ve found it!

When you use a Dreamhost discount, you save a ton of money in the first year of hosting. It’s actually over $589 a year on hosting fees. You still receive everything, whether you pay regular price of not.

They have unlimited everything!

That means you have unlimited domains, bandwidth, and disk space. You can have as many sub-domains as you want and still have room for more domains. The domain is the name of your website. You can register a new domain with Dreamhost, for free, and have access to many more domains, if you want to buy more.

Dreamhost discount is a way to start your business on the Internet without breaking the bank. Almost anyone can afford the hosting fees. After all, if you want to be successful, you need a hosting company that is up and running 24/7/365.


They rarely, if ever, have downtime. Although, they do work with computers called servers and they are electronic. As you know, computers and their peripherals (components attached to the servers) will break down in time. Dreamhost has backup server that comes on the minute one of their servers goes down.

They run their email through google, so you know it’s always up and running. Most hosting companies have backup plans, and they also have a backup of your domains and websites. If the unthinkable happens and one of their servers goes down, your website will only be out for a minute. The backup servers will kick in and take care of everything.

They maintain their computers so you don’t have anything to worry about. When they do routine maintenance, they give you plenty of notice. Although, you won’t have to do anything, but when working with computers, unforeseen things do happen. Dreamhost takes care of any problems, so you have nothing to worrying about.

When you’re working on building your business, you need a hosting company you can depend on and using the discount gives you reliability as well as saving you money on hosting fees.

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