Chinese smartphones: Record after record


The Chinese aren’t doing bad at all. The last few years the Chinese put more effort into producing high quality instead of high quantity. Most Chinese companies have learned that in the West, people want high quality products, and are ready to pay for that as well. Bad quality equals bad future.

The Chinese smartphone industry picked up this trend as well and now there are some premium brands from China stepping in producing very high quality smartphones and setting world record after world record.

In this last month the Chinese smartphone industry set two records. The first was releasing a phone with a motorized camera that’s used for making perfect panorama shots. The phone is the first in the world to feature a motorized rotating camera, and the guys at Oppo are very proud of this. Immediately after that they announced their next world record with the Oppo R5.


The Oppo R5 was promised to be the world’s thinnest phone. And it is. On the day they released the phone it was official. The Oppo R5 was the thinnest phone in the world with just 4.85mm thick. Was? Yes, because now the next brand has said to launch an even thinner phone in the near future.

Vivo is a brand that’s already very well know in China, and they just got their newest phone trough TENAA which is the Chinese version of the FCC. This new phone will be just 4.75mm thick which is 0.1mm thinner and thus setting the world record for thinnest phone.

We’re curious what will be next, and when. If it goes on line this than it won’t be even that long until we have an even thinner phone. Would that even be possible? Or comfortable to hold for that matter?